Caregiver Resources

Caregiver Resources

If you are a caregiver for someone who needs food and cannot physically come in to our sites, there are a couple of options.  First, we have a form from the State of Illinois that needs to be signed that gives permission for you to come in and pick up food.  This form is called a “Proxy.”  You can click here to print it, have the food recipient sign it, and then bring it in with you.

Proxy Form for Lakeview Pantry Sheridan location

Proxy Form for Lakeview Pantry Sheridan location in Spanish

Proxy Form for Lakeview Pantry Oakdale location

Proxy Form for Lakeview Pantry Oakdale location in Spanish

We can also mail or fax this form (call 773.525.1777 x 214 or 773.525.1777 x 210) to you, or you can pick it up from one of our locations.

Secondly, we do have a limited Home Delivery program that often has a waiting list.