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Food + social Services + Independence

Lakeview Pantry

Lakeview Pantry works with our neighbors to overcome hunger, improve mental wellness, and achieve life goals. Celebrating 50 years of community engagement, action, and collaboration.

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Our Community Services

Get Food

Providing a healthy and diverse range of groceries for our North and West side neighbors. We personalize food distribution – matching our guests with the food they want and need. 

Get Food

Mental Wellness

Licensed, trained professionals working with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, or other stressors, getting at root causes of mental illness. No insurance is required. 

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Social Services

Assistance in using state and local resources available and creating a plan for achieving life goals. We work with our guests to overcome any obstacles.

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Our Mission

Food for Today.
Hope for Tomorrow.

Lakeview Pantry is one of Chicago’s largest and longest-operating food pantries. Our mission is to eliminate hunger and poverty in our communities by providing food to fill the basic need of hungry people, empowering our clients to achieve independence through social service programming, and raising awareness of hunger and poverty.

Last year, we served 13,500 people
through 37,000 site visits
and distributed 2.3 million meals.

 That’s 2.8 million
pounds of food!

Expanding Our Capabilities to Better Help Our Community

We’re increasing our footprint to include:

  • A new, high-capacity food storage warehouse
  • Online food ordering system
  • 5 Chicago food access locations
  • Increased services access for working families
  • Continued expansion of social service offerings

With your help, we can serve more people and work to eliminate hunger in Chicago.

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Check out our Clients’ Inspirational Stories Here:


Volunteer at Lakeview Pantry! 

Join 5,000 Other People to Make a Difference in Your Community

We’re always looking for volunteers, and we’d be honored to have you as part of our team. Our many volunteer opportunities include:

  • Youth Volunteers
  • Adult Volunteers
  • Community Service Hours
  • Corporate Groups
  • Community/Faith Groups

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“It’s shocking that in the heartland of a country where billions of pounds of food go to waste each year, 1 in 7 Chicagoans don’t know where they’ll find their next meal, resulting in devastating impacts on the health and livelihood of our neighbors. Lakeview Pantry is committed to the fight against hunger and poverty in Chicago and we are extremely grateful to our community members who support us along the way.”

Casey Herman
Board President


82% of our food is donated. (That’s $2.8 million!)

The remaining 18% is purchased from the Greater Chicago Food Depository and wholesalers at a very deep discount.

In Kind Partners

We could not help our community without the help from our food partners.

“Lakeview Pantry has changed our lives. Thanks to the Pantry, we have healthy, colorful food every night for dinner and my kids have snacks to bring to school. I don’t have to worry about what we will eat tomorrow, because Lakeview Pantry is there to help.”

Lakeview Pantry Client

Lakeview Pantry Exists Because of the Support of Our Neighbors.

With multiple food distribution programs that deliver more than 2.8 million pounds of food to our neighbors each year and social services that help clients achieve independence, Lakeview Pantry aims to end hunger for good. Make your impact today!

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Committed to a hunger-free chicago