Your Mental Health Matters

Lakeview Pantry believes that fostering a healthy mind is just as vital to your well being as maintaining your physical health. That’s why we make mental wellness a priority for our clients.

Are you struggling with depression or anxiety? Having a hard time adjusting to a recent change in your life? Need someone to talk to about your gender identity or a past trauma? Lakeview Pantry provides mental wellness services that are tailored to your needs.

Our team of licensed clinicians, social workers and supervised counseling students offers individual, couples and group therapies. Our program provides short-term (averaging 3-4 months of weekly sessions) mental health counseling with a focus on crisis stabilization and connection to long-term mental health services as needed.

To request counseling services, please call a member of our Social Services team at 773-525-1777 ext. 244 or email We will make every effort to get you scheduled for an appointment as soon as possible. Certain times of year are busier than others and a short wait may be necessary. There are no residency requirements for our mental health program, but those within the Pantry service areas are given scheduling priority.

As a free, private resource, your goals and hopes determine our course of action. Please know that you are not alone. We are here to assist and support you.

Mental Wellness Services:

We offer virtual case management and mental wellness sessions by phone call, video call, or email.

Phone: 773-525-1777 ext. 244
Text: 773-849-8401

No Strings. Just Service.

Our mental wellness program does not have residency requirements. Anyone is welcome to request services and we keep your information confidential.

Mental Health Clinicians

Meet our core team of counselors ready to assist you.

Nicole Greal, MSW

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Jennie Hull, MA, LCPC

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Csilla Megyeri, LCSW

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Marina Silva, MSW

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Kate Swiatek, LCSW

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Taneka Taylor, LCSW

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Eva Trampka, MSW

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Since April 2020, we’ve provided over 850 mental wellness counseling sessions.

How Do I Qualify For Mental Wellness Services?

Our trained and licensed professionals are here for anyone who reaches out. We’re here today to support your goals for the future! If you’re interested in our mental health counseling, we conduct an eligibility screening process. Our goal is to serve you in any capacity we can, but If your needs are greater than we can meet, we will work to connect you to a mental health provider that can.

We can also offer comprehensive support to help get you the services you need, including:

  • Wrap-around case management services
  • Help applying for medical insurance
  • Reviewing transportation options
  • Helping reach out to complete an intake with a new provider
  • Collaborating as needed with other providers with client consent

Please reach out to our Social Services staff at or call 773-525-1777 ext. 244 to schedule an appointment as soon as one becomes available.

Take Control of Your Tomorrow.

Work with our staff to find a path forward. We’re here to help you create the rest of your life.

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