Mandy Pekin

Development Chair

I am the CMO of MightyNest, and have spent over 18 years working in consulting and brand building for startups and well established brands. Prior to MightyNest, I headed up marketing for GrubHub, and am passionate about advising startups in the Chicago startup community. I hold a bachelor of science from Tufts University and an MBA from The Wharton School.

I started volunteering at Lakeview Pantry many years back, and look forward to helping out at the Lakeview Pantry West site with my daughter each month. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help those who need some support here in the Lakeview community.

Lakeview Pantry Exists Because of the Support of Our Neighbors.

With 3 food distribution programs that deliver more than 2.8 million pounds of food to our neighbors each year and social services that help clients achieve independence, Lakeview Pantry aims to end hunger for good. Make your impact today!

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Committed to a hunger-free chicago