Our Young Leaders Board

The Lakeview Pantry Young Leaders Board (YLB) is a group of enthusiastic and talented young professionals who are committed to giving back to their community and helping people in need.

They use their creativity, leadership, innovation and professional skills to support Lakeview Pantry’s work and mission. The YLB focuses its efforts in three main areas: (1) raising funds for Lakeview Pantry; (2) volunteering our time and skills to support the Pantry and its clients and (3) developing our members into increasingly impactful contributors. Our largest event each year is the End Hunger Social, which is held each spring.

To learn more about the YLB or to become a member, please email YLB@lakeviewpantry.org, call (773) 525-1777 x 223, or visit the YLB on Facebook or LinkedIn. To read more about becoming a member, click here. Check out the YLB’s most recent news and events here!


Jennifer Ma – Co-President

Brad Kastrup – Co-President

Shivani Palekar – VP of Engagement

Christine Villacorta – VP of Fundraising

Iris Krandel – VP of Marketing

Maddy Clem – VP of Membership

Addison Shaker
Amanda Farrell
Chris Coleman
Chris Francica
Christa Cohrs
David Swendsen
Emily Basten
Eric Schwartz

Jeff Bauman
Jeremy Humbert
Jonathon Ellis
Kendall Galloway
Laura Miller
Lauren Gumbiner
Lauren Usleber
Lindsey Melnyk

Luis Rentas
McKaye Whiteside
Paul Brenzel
Rachel Ellen Simon
Pelumi Ogunlana
Rena Patel
Tim Zuberi