The Health and Hope Program

A Partnership to Nourish Low-Income Patients Undergoing Medical Treatments

Better Food Security for Better Health

The Health and Hope Program is a collaborative partnership between Lakeview Pantry and area hospitals and clinics to nourish low-income patients undergoing various medical treatments. This innovative undertaking was born of current research that shows a direct link between food insecurity and poor health.

Food insecurity is a growing problem for people who are suffering an illness – often having to choose between medical treatment and food. Food insecurity is associated with poor adherence to recommended medical treatment, delayed medical care, and inability to afford prescribed medication.

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Health and Hope Program Location & Hours

Please contact Illinois Advocate Masonic Cancer Center at (773) 975-1600 to sign up for the Health and Hope Program. Must be a current oncology patient at Advocate. 

Providing Nourishment For Those In Need

Through our hospital partners, the intake coordinators, nurses and doctors we work closely with patients to screen them and determine their need and quality of life outside of their treatments. Those who qualify receive:

  • Large bag of groceries directly at treatment site (appx. a two-week supply for one home)
  • Gift card to buy additional groceries (such as fruits and vegetables)
  • Invitation to come to Lakeview Pantry for additional support
  • Home Delivery program is available

Serving Oncology Patients at Illinois Advocate Masonic

Currently, the program operates in one location – Advocate Illinois Masonic’s Cancer Center on the North Side of Chicago and focuses on oncology patients.

Our goal is to ensure that all cancer patients have access to the healthy food needed to nourish and heal their bodies. According to a recent study, 56% of low-income urban cancer patients do not know where they will find their next meal.

The Lakeview Pantry Mission

Nutritional value is always an important part of Lakeview Pantry’s emergency food services. In our typical monthly distribution, almost half of our allotment includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Because the Health & Hope bags must be non-perishable as they are delivered to the hospital in advance and given out on an as-needed basis, we focus on providing the healthiest non-perishable options available.

Those options include canned vegetables, dried fruit, nuts, whole wheat pastas, tomato sauces, and healthy low-sodium soups. In addition, we provided Health & Hope clients with a gift card to local grocery stores so they can supplement their non-perishable groceries with fresh produce, dairy, and lean meats.

Lakeview Pantry will soon be expanding the program to more area hospitals in the near future. Stay tuned for more details!

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With your help, we can get the right food to the people who need it the most. Donate today to make lives easier for those who are sick and struggling.


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