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Our blog will educate, inform and and encourage our friends, supporters and partners about hunger and poverty in Chicago and our mission to end it. 

The State of SNAP

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is facing a major cut from the current administration. Under this proposal, 3.1 million people could lose their SNAP benefits due to the administration cutting the “broad based categorical eligibility” policy—including Lakeview Pantry clients. One client, Meredith*, has a part-time job and works hard to support her family of four. Meredith and her husband (who also works) rely on their SNAP benefits to help feed their two children.

Happy Pride Month!

June is here again in Lakeview, and every year around this time we celebrate Pride. It’s not just a festival and celebration of LGBTQ people, but a time to celebrate the beauty and importance of diversity in our community.

Lakeview Pantry Exists Because of the Support of Our Neighbors.

With 3 food distribution programs that deliver more than 1.6 million pounds of food to our neighbors each year and social services that help clients achieve independence, Lakeview Pantry aims to end hunger for good. Get help today!

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