• Lakeview Pantry is one of the largest and longest-lived food pantries in Chicago

  • Raising awareness about hunger and poverty

    while working to eliminate them

  • Lakeview Pantry distributes

    1.5 million pounds of food per year

  • Increasing our client's independence through self-help initiatives and case management programs


495,000 Chicagoans are suffering from food insecurity

Lakeview Pantry serves over 12,000 people through over 41,000 client visits.
Join us to be part of the solution.


  • "I would like to thank the Lakeview Pantry staff for all their help in [providing] food for me and my family. I would like to thank Jennie Hull very much for all her hard work for me and her asst. (Caitlin) very much also. This is to let anyone know how hard the staff at Lakeview Pantry work. Keep up the good work and God Bless everyone." -Leonard B. Full image here.
    Feedback Form from Leonard B., Lakeview Pantry Client
  • Rosa* is a young woman who has been coming to the pantry for a few months.   When I first met Rosa, she told me she was pregnant and had recently completed rehab for alcohol addiction.  I first made sure that Rosa was receiving all the benefits she was eligible for and that she was receiving prenatal care.  I also assisted Rosa with replacing her State ID as she had lost her previous one.  Rosa recently came into the Pantry to tell me she had given birth to a healthy baby boy.  Rosa was concerned because she was not allowed to take the baby home until she had a car seat for him.  I assisted Rosa with contacting a few agencies that help new mothers with car seats but no one was able to help us on short notice.  Ultimately, Lakeview Pantry was able to provide Rosa with gift cards to purchase a car seat so she could take her new baby home from the hospital.  Rosa was beyond grateful that she could count on the Pantry to help her in a time of great stress. *Client’s name has been changed to protect her privacy.
    Rosa's* Story , As told by Jennie Hull, Lakeview Pantry Case Manager
  • Hello Greg:
    I met with you a couple weeks ago to receive food.... I am the one who was staying down the street from the pantry.  I have since had some medical issues that caused me to move back to the suburbs and in with my parents.  But I did want to thank you for helping me get through a rather difficult period of my life.  I have never found myself in a situation that I actually had to ask for help.  I knew that food pantries existed, but I never fathomed having to use one before.
    The service you provide to members of the community is so priceless.  I am so grateful that you were there at a time when I needed help.  And I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart.  However, I could never express the amount of gratitude I have for Lakeview Pantry.
    Thank you again for the services you provide members of the community who truly need it.
    Thank You Note From January Client, This email was received by Greg, our Pantry East Coordinator
  • I've been coming to the pantry for a little over a year now. I really appreciate all the help that you all have given to me and my family. You are a wonderful blessing to the people that really need you. I thank u especially this year I recently lost my job and had absolutely no gifts for my children, but u all were a life saver. Thank you and GOD bless u all and your families.
    Client and Single Mother of Five Children, Lakeview Pantry Client Email
  • “Dear Carrie, Thank you for your help, I’m slowly better but it is a long road for me. The food stamp people cut me down again, I only get $70. I was getting $300 years ago and then $180, $80 and now $70. It makes me feel sad, everything is hard enough with the price of food, rent, clothing, etc. I’m grateful for the pantry and the food you guys provide. Thank you.” –Walter* *Client’s Name has been changed to protect privacy
    Walter's* Hand-Delivered Note, Note delivered to our Lakeview Pantry West Coordinator, Carrie
  • “Jennie did very good she [is] very understand[ing] and helpful with help[ing] me. Thanks for community services.” See full story here: http://www.lakeviewpantry.orgdaniel.html
    Daniel's* Story, Lakeview Pantry Client
  • The Pantry makes me proud to live in Lake View.
    September 2013 Donor, Lakeview Community Member
  • I was greeted with smiles and compassion As I received my food I felt like a kid at Christmas time.  I was so excited I couldn’t contain the joy I felt as I filled my cabinets.  It was my only visit to the Pantry but it was enough to keep me going for a couple of weeks until I was able to provide food for myself again.  I was able to go back to focusing on looking for a job because Lakeview Pantry lifted the burden of not knowing where my next meal was coming from.
    Coleman Goode, Chief of Staff at Illinois State Representative Greg Harris 13th District and former Lakeview Pantry client
  • I have never ever forgotten what the Pantry did for my family And I say thank you to those who gave us that food – that includes those who donated the food, packed it and stood at the counter handing out those bags. When you help someone it never goes unnoticed, and those of us who receive help never forget the kindness of others.
    Renee, Community Member and Volunteer
  • "Food assistance was a bridge along the path to the next stage of life." See full story and interview here: http://www.lakeviewpantry.orgcommunity-feature-crystal-bowersox.html
    Crystal Bowersox, American Idol Contestant and Pantry Volunteer & Donor