Three Ways You Can Help Lakeview Pantry with Chicago’s Plastic Bag Ban

Three Ways You Can Help Lakeview Pantry with Chicago’s Plastic Bag Ban

Chicago’s plastic bag ban officially goes into effect on August 1, 2015.

This means large retailers – including some of the biggest grocers in the region – will no longer be able to provide plastic bags to their customers “for the purpose of enabling the customer to carry away goods from the point of sale.”*

While some retailers are working to make reusable plastic bags available to customers, others may charge a fee to those in need of bags for their groceries.

At Lakeview Pantry, we’ve always worked to minimize our reliance on plastic bags, but for clients who need to carry their food home in a cart or on public transportation, these bags can be a convenient option.

As an organization dedicated as much to meeting immediate needs as we are to long-term sustainability, here are three things that our community can do to help us navigate this change:

1) Make a habit of using reusable bags.
If you are a client, bringing your own reusable bag from home will help us rely less on plastic bags. And when you arrive home, you won’t have dozens of plastic bags to dispose of – further reducing waste in the city!

2) Make a donation of new reusable bags.
To help our community adjust to this change, we gladly welcome donations of new, reusable bags (we ask that you refrain from donating used bags). Additionally, if you attend a conference or other event, we love when our supporters donate any leftover or extra tote bags they might receive.

3) Spread the word!
Though plastic bags will still be available from small retailers until August 1, 2016, help us to do our part to be an environmentally-friendly organization now. Let people know we’re looking for reusable bags, and help us encourage our community to cut down on the waste!