Don’t Forget About Our Hungry Neighbors This Spring and Summer!

Please help clients like Sarah and her children now….

Can you imagine having to choose between buying groceries or paying your rent? Feeding your children or heating your home?

These are the choices that thousands of people on Chicago’s North Side are forced to make every day. These are the choices that Sarah, a Lakeview Pantry client, has made for her own family.
Sarah* is a working mother with two little girls. She’s employed by a cleaning service where she’s worked for the past five years, but her paycheck is simply not enough to make ends meet. After she pays her rent and utility bills, Sarah has nothing left for other basic needs, like food.
That’s where Lakeview Pantry has made a significant impact on Sarah’s and her children’s lives. Our Pantry welcomes Sarah for her monthly pickup of fresh and nutritious groceries and weekly for additional produce and bread. Our social services team has helped Sarah obtain financial assistance with her utility bills which allowed Sarah to pay for car repairs she had put off for months.
Please, click here to make your donation today and help clients like Sarah and her children. Your donation makes a powerful impact on their lives! For every dollar you donate, Lakeview Pantry can provide 8 meals to our hungry neighbors. With your support, we WILL eliminate hunger on Chicago’s North Side!

*name changed to protect identity