Laugh. Give. Brag. Auction 2016

Welcome to the Online Sale for

LAUGH . GIVE . BRAG . 2016


Please share your best wishes with Lakeview Pantry by participating in the Pantry’s first annual fundraiser in our NEW home at 3945 N. Sheridan Rd!


 You can help us settle into our new home by stocking up on the Pantry’s Budgeted Expenses for 2017 (and bragging about it!). Remember, Home is Where the Heart is, as you explore this year’s house-and-heart warming themed list of expenses!


Access to the online sale will close at noon on September 30. Questions? Please email Ashley Friend at


Please give now!



Proverb: A home feels like it’s yours when the kitchen is full… Help us stock the Pantry shelves!


Food, Wonderful Food  Price Number Needed  
Home delivery Service (one week) $239 2 Buy now
Buy ALL the food for ONE Day $415 4 Buy now
Milk and Eggs to Cover the Protein Gap (one week) $610 12 Buy now
Home Delivery Service (one month) $956 12 Buy now
Food bought from Greater Chicago Food Depository (one week) $1574 12 Buy now
Buy ALL Distribution food  for ONE WEEK $2,423 4 Buy now


The Trashman Cometh…. And he takes it AWAY!


Take it Away… Far Away! Garbage and Cardboard  Price Number Needed
Garbage Haul and Cardboard Pick-up (one month) $720  12 Buy now
Garbage Haul and Cardboard Pick-up (one quarter) $2160  4 Buy now
Buy 6 Months of Garbage Haul and Cardboard Pick-up $4320  2 Buy now


New Owners Survival Kit: Be a Pantry Client’s Fairy Godmother! Help buy work boots, chef’s knives, interview suits, and other items that allow our clients to qualify for a job!


Job Assistance  Price Number Needed
 Job Assistance/Pantry Grant Fund (one month) $1000 12 Buy now
 Job Assistance/Pantry Grant Fund (one quarter) $3000 4 Buy now


Keep the Lights On and the Home Fires Burning! Keep our Clients Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer! Help buy our utilities….


Keep it Coming: Utilities   Price Number Needed  
ComEd (one week) $420 2 Buy now
Peoples Gas (one month) $540 12 Buy now
ComEd (one month)                               $1680 12 Buy now
Electric and Gas for 3 Months! $6600 2 Buy now


You Need a Permit to Park Here! Take care of the Pantry’s Vans….


Van Maintenance   Price Number Needed
Gasoline (one van for one quarter) $240 4 Buy now
Auto Insurance (one van for one quarter) $300 4 Buy now
Parking (one van for one quarter) $450 4 Buy now
Gasoline (one van for one year)  $960 2 Buy now
Auto Insurance (one van for one year) $1200 2 Buy now
Parking (one van for one year) $1800 2 Buy now
Van Expenses for the Year! Includes gas, insurance, and parking $3240 2 Buy now


A New Broom Sweeps Clean! Help us Maintain our New Home!


Yay we Have Four Bathrooms! Pantry Maintenance  Price Number Needed
Cleaning Service (one month) $300 12 Buy now
Cleaning Supplies and Toilet Paper (one quarter) $300 4 Buy now
Equipment Maintenance (one month) $325  12 Buy now
Cleaning Service (one quarter) $900 4 Buy now
Equipment Maintenance (one quarter) $975 4 Buy now
Complete Pantry Maintenance (one quarter), Includes cleaning, maintenance and toilet paper $2175 4 Buy now


Keep in Touch: We finally have Conferencing and Speakerphones!


Communications  Price Number Needed
Phones and Technology (one month)                     $475 12 Buy now
Phones and Technology (one quarter) $1425 4 Buy now
Communications Package for a Full Year! $5700 1 Buy now


Make a Heartfelt Contribution! 


Donate Any Amount You Like!  Price
No Muss, No Fuss, I just want to help!                                                                       Buy now


Each purchase in the auction (event tickets excluded) counts as a tax-deductible donation to Lakeview Pantry’s general operating expenses. Buying specific auction items reserves your right to laugh, give and brag about the expenses your donation will fund.

The fair market value of the event ticket for food, beverages and services is $150 per person. Items purchased from the laugh. give. brag. auction are donations to Lakeview Pantry and may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. Lakeview Pantry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, FEIN #36-2734184.