Laugh. Give. Brag. Auction

Welcome to laugh. give. brag.


Lakeview Pantry’s annual auction is an unprecedented opportunity for us to raise $150,000 in one month! We need your help to raise $100,000 through the purchase of items in the auction below.


If we meet this goal by September 27, we will collect a matching gift of $50,000!


Online access to this auction will close at noon on Sunday, September 27 as we prepare for the opening of the auction as a live event at Brindille that evening. If you would still like to make a donation to help us reach our $100,000 goal and collect an additional $50,000 matching gift, email Sue Enright at


Please give now!


LAUGH: [laf, lahf] verb (used without object) to express mirth, pleasure or nervousness with an audible expulsion of air. This can range from a burst of sound to a series of quiet chuckles, guffaws or snorts. Laugh with us as you participate in this clever and innovative fundraiser for Lakeview Pantry’s operating expenses.


Giggler … Help us clean up.


Description  Price Number Needed
 Grinner/volunteer t-shirts $250  12 Buy now
 Fiend/mops, brooms and buckets $250  2 Buy now
 Fanatic/toilet paper and Lysol $250  2ALMOST GONE! Buy now
I want to be a Giggler, too! (Any donation of $25 or more.) $25+   Buy now


Tee Hee Hee … Help us stay organized.


Description  Price Number Needed
Roarer/office supplies $500 3 2  GOING FAST! Buy now
 Snorter/copier lease $1000 4 3 Buy now
 Whooper/copier toner $500 3 Buy now
I just want to Tee Hee Hee with you all! (Any donation of $25 or more.) $25+   Buy now


GIVE [giv] verb (used without object) to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation.  To bestow opportunity to someone.  To grant someone permission or give them a chance.  Please give generously in support of Lakeview Pantry’s operating expenses so we can continue to provide food for today and hope for tomorrow to our neighbors in need.


Granter … Help us collect and distribute food throughout Lakeview.


Description  Price Number Needed
 Patron/fuel for Pantry vans $1000 13 11 Buy now
 Guarantor/maintenance for Pantry vans $500 4 2 Buy now
 Philanthropist/parking for Pantry vans $1000 1 SOLD OUT!
Benefactor/insurance for Pantry vans $2500  1 Buy now
I just want to Grant my support! (Any donation of $25 or more) $25+   Buy now


Provider … Help us stock the shelves.


Description  Price Number Needed
Backer/eggs and milk $500 4 1 ONLY ONE LEFT! Buy now
Bestower/10% of our annual food from GCFD $1000 25 20 Buy now
Altruist/1% of our annual food from GCFD $100 25 Buy now
Humanitarian/transport food from GCFD to the Pantry $1000 7 Buy now
I just want to be Provide, as well! (Any donation of $25 or more.) $25+   Buy now


BRAG: [brag] verb (used with object), bragged, bragging. To boast of. To speak of one’s own achievements. Supporters of Lakeview Pantry will brag shamelessly if they reach their $100,000 goal for the Pantry’s 2016 operating expenses.


Trumpeter … Help us keep tidy.


Description  Price Number Needed
 Raver/garbage pick-up $1000 6 5 Buy now
 Crower/cardboard pick-up $1000 4 3 Buy now
I just want to Trumpet with the best! (Any donation of $25 or more) $25+   Buy now


Strutter … Help us stay running.


Description  Price Number Needed
 Stone-Cold Gloater/cooler maintenance $500 1  SOLD OUT!
 Swaggerer/refresh paint, tile, lights $500 5 Buy now
I just want to Strut My Stuff! (Any donation of $25 or more.) $25+   Buy now


Exhibitionist… Help us keep the lights on.


Description  Price Number Needed
 Show Off/ Lakeview Pantry Electricity $1000 13 12 Buy now
 Braggadocio/ Lakeview Pantry Natural Gas $1000 12 Buy now
I just want to Exhibit my generosity! (Any donation of $25 or more.) $25+   Buy now


Silent Puffer-Upper … Help with what you can!


Description  Price
 I just want to make a generous contribution that only I know about!  My check is in the mail!



Purchase Tickets for the Laugh. Give. Brag. dinner at Brindille


Description  Price Number Needed
 Tickets are $250 per person with only 50 seats available. $250 50 5 Buy Now


Each purchase in the auction (event tickets excluded) counts as a tax-deductible donation to Lakeview Pantry’s general operating expenses. Buying specific auction items reserves your right to laugh, give and brag about the expenses your donation will fund.

The fair market value of the event ticket for food, beverages and services is $250 per person. Items purchased from the laugh. give. brag. auction are donations to Lakeview Pantry and may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor. Lakeview Pantry is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, FEIN #36-2734184.

Help us meet the challenge! We’ll only receive the additional $50,000 if we raise $100,000 by September 27. All auction purchases online and at the dinner event at Brindille will help us meet this goal!