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Q&A: Chief ‘problem solver’ reflects upon retirement

Throughout the pandemic, Lakeview Pantry has been fortunate to have Bill Thomas making many tough decisions on the fly. This Friday, Thomas, 65, is retiring after an impressive career spanning more than four decades in the food industry and nonprofit sector, including a 10-year run at Feeding America.

In the Q&A interview, Thomas reflects on his career, a changing food industry and his time at Lakeview Pantry during the pandemic.

Hope for the holidays: Lakeview Pantry’s annual toy drive returns

Thanks to Lakeview Pantry’s tireless volunteers, our distributions are serving more than three times more families with children compared to pre-pandemic times. Families who visited the Pantry before the holidays could receive a full month’s supply of groceries and also holiday gifts for their children. The festive toy room was well-stocked with board games, dolls, crafts, books and more — all brand new toys donated by kind supporters.

‘Coming out is a process’: New counseling group to provide safe space

To provide a safe and supportive outlet for LGBTQIA+ people, Lakeview Pantry is launching “Queer in the Time of COVID,” a new mental health counseling group that will be offered virtually and at no cost. The hope is to provide a safe space for queer people to reflect on their respective challenges during the pandemic, which could include the loss of community spaces in which they feel safe.