Author: Jennie Hull

Health and Hope for Breast Cancer Action Month

As it is October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there has been a push from those in the survivor community — including our Director of Programs, Jennie Hull — to change this month to Breast Cancer Action Month! Awareness is great but we need to do more. Commit to action this month by donating to our Health and Hope program in order to support those fighting for their lives!

The State of SNAP

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is facing a major cut from the current administration. Under this proposal, 3.1 million people could lose their SNAP benefits due to the administration cutting the “broad based categorical eligibility” policy—including Lakeview Pantry clients. One client, Meredith*, has a part-time job and works hard to support her family of four. Meredith and her husband (who also works) rely on their SNAP benefits to help feed their two children.