Author: Greg Trotter

Led by Pilsen artist, volunteers help with ‘monumental’ mural

Volunteers help to paint a “monumental work” on the west-facing wall of Lakeview Pantry’s new facility.

The mural is “a tribute to the human spirit that is nourished by (Lakeview Pantry’s) invaluable community service to the city of Chicago and its people,” said Pablo Serrano, the Pilsen artist behind the project.

In Englewood, new partnership helps families experiencing homelessness 

The new partnership between Primo Center and Lakeview Pantry, which began in September, is part of the Pantry’s growing online market program. It’s one example of how the Pantry is trying to serve more people in need who might not be able to — or who might not want to — access a traditional food pantry.

“We’re trying to meet people where they’re at, with as much choice and dignity as possible,” said Jennie Hull, the Pantry’s chief program officer.

Q&A: Chief ‘problem solver’ reflects upon retirement

Throughout the pandemic, Lakeview Pantry has been fortunate to have Bill Thomas making many tough decisions on the fly. This Friday, Thomas, 65, is retiring after an impressive career spanning more than four decades in the food industry and nonprofit sector, including a 10-year run at Feeding America.

In the Q&A interview, Thomas reflects on his career, a changing food industry and his time at Lakeview Pantry during the pandemic.