Don’t Forget About Our Hungry Neighbors This Summer!

Please help clients like Christine now….

Can you imagine being alone, pregnant, and not able to feed yourself? It seems a world away for most of us, but this was the reality for Lakeview Pantry client, Christine*.

Christine, who came to the Pantry for the first time earlier this year, explained that she had just completed an inpatient treatment program and now resided in a sober living community. In response to our intake coordinator’s question – “How many members are in your family?” she replied, “Two, I’m pregnant.” Christine tearfully explained that she was looking for employment, but didn’t currently have a job. She said, “I don’t know how I’m going to take care of my baby.”

Lakeview Pantry was there for Christine when she was desperate for help, providing her with one of the most basic human needs – food.  At Lakeview Pantry, our motto is Food for Today, Hope for Tomorrow.
When we provide our clients with emergency food assistance, we are giving them the strength to make it through another day, another week, and another month. Our comprehensive social services program empowers clients to address the causes of poverty and hunger, and sets them on the path to success.

Christine has become a regular client throughout her pregnancy, as we are able to provide her with nutritious food to help sustain a healthy pregnancy. After her baby is born, she will receive diapers, formula, and other infant necessities. Christine has found a part-time job and now walks into the Pantry with a smile on her face.

Please,  click here to make your donation today and help clients like Christine and her baby. Through a matching pledge made by one of our generous donors, the Laytin Family, we will have the ability to feed twice as many neighbors in need this spring and summer. So double your impact NOW, and provide 16 meals for every dollar you give! With your support, we CAN eliminate hunger on the North Side!


*name changed to protect identity