Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Lakeview Pantry has completed two comprehensive surveys as to the demographics and the satisfaction of our clients.

The first was conducted in 2009, and we found that 98% of clients are satisfied with the services and food they receive at Lakeview Pantry. Thanks to the University of Illinois at Chicago Survey Research Laboratory for helping us create and analyze our client satisfaction survey.

Click here to download the full Satisfaction Survey.

The second was commissioned in 2012 with Heartland Alliance’s Social IMPACT Research Center, and revealed similar numbers. This survey has the most up to date client figures and information on the satisfaction level of our clients. This survey is different from the previous ones as it includes some additional questions that help us explore the larger systems-level issues, that push our clients to seek our assistance in the first place.

Click here to download the 2012 Client Survey

2012 Fast Facts

Lakeview Pantry clients are quite diverse, and Lakeview Pantry is a critical support for them.

• The average Lakeview Pantry client is female, middle-aged, and either black or white.
• Over one third of clients have children living with them.
• A large share of clients (15%) is U.S. veterans.
• Over half of clients heard about Lakeview Pantry from a friend or relative.
• Clients report that Lakeview Pantry has higher quality food and better customer service than other pantries, and they report high levels of satisfaction in these areas.
• Clients report feeling most supported by Lakeview Pantry, compared with support from family, friends, and clubs or community organizations.